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BAER HSSG Hand Tap Set (2pcs.) MF 36 x 3.0

The hand tap set consists of two taps and allows you to cut a finished thread with significantly reduced risk of breakage. The advantage of two-piece hand taps is that the respective parts of a set share the cutting power: The taper tap (No. 1) (marked with a ring) removes 65 per cent of the thread profile and the and brings the thread into shape. The finishing tap (No. 3) has no ring marking and cuts the remaining thread profile to produce the 100% full and usable thread. The division of labour between the two screw tap makes it easier to cut a straight and clean thread by hand.
Compared to the machine tap, the hand tap has a short shank. This allows you to cut internal thread by hand without jamming and can be operated with tap wrenches, tool ratchets or other holding tools with square drive.
The thread can be cut in a pre-drilled core hole.
Due to the short chamfer of the finish tap, the hand tap set can be used reliably and universally for through holes and blind holes.
As a rule, two-piece hand taps- sets are used for fine threads with a smaller pitch than with coarse thread, as the thread profile surface is smaller than with coarse threads and the force effects on the taps are smaller.


Diameter 36
Nominal diameter in inches 1,417
Nominal diameter in mm 36
Pitch 3,0
Pitch in mm 3
Dimension MF 36 x 3,0


Product group Screw taps
Product type Hand tap sets
Thread standard MF: Metric ISO fine thread according to DIN 13
Tolerance ISO2/6H
Direction Right
Standard DIN 2181
Tensile strength at room temperature up to 900 N/mm² | 27.1 HRC
Material HSSG bright

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