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M12 - M16 Oil Drain Plug BaerCoil Workshop Kit (Helicoil Type)

BaerCoil Thread-Repair-Workshop-Kit for Oil Drain Plug
in metal box

Box Content:

BaerCoil Drill HSS
STI Bottoming Tap HSSG 
BaerCoil Inserting Tool
+ Wire Thread Inserts - type: "free running"
different lengths for most applications

BaerCoil Tap Inserting Tool Drill Wire Thread Inserts Wire Thread Inserts
M 12 x 1.5
12.4 mm
5 pcs. 12 mm
5 pcs. 18 mm
M 14 x 1.5
14.4 mm
5 pcs. 14 mm
5 pcs. 21 mm
M 16 x 1.5
5 pcs. 16 mm
5 pcs. 24 mm

for Oil Drain Plug

BaerCoil instruction for use
Technical Information
Drill Sizes
Metric Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions 

- Thread Repair of damaged or worn-out threads
- Recovery of rejected items 
- Thread Armour Plating. For material with low shear strenght eg. aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys.

Due to narrow and exact tolerances the new thread normally is stronger than the original one.
Use in machine-building, electrical, automotive, medical and aerospace industries. 


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